Fantastic result

Fantastic result of the three nationalities at our table who actually all three will put a PhD on the subject to concrete a plan. Deputy Bert Pauli (province of North Brabant) has already taken first steps. All thanks to your event!

Professor Ton Wilthagen Tilburg University

New strategic insights

It gave us a lot of strategic insights which we are going to integrate in our strategy. We have gained new and very interesting bilateral, international contacts.

Jeroen de Groot Assembléon

Very good table occupation

We got great ideas on our strategic question with a very good table occupation. It would be amazing to further develop these ideas under supervision. With some partners, we have now already organized a business visit. And with some Belgian participants, we will continue to build contacts.

Aukje Kuijpers Kuijpers Installaties

New mind-set

It has given us a whole new mind-set in a new domain. We want to investigate this further.

Steven Goetstouwers Admesy

New points of perspective

We have met many interesting contacts and had a valuable discussion with the participants at our table. The selection of guests was very good with different expertises and with new points of perspectives. There were interesting suggestions that confirm that our mindset is right.

Tom Kimpe Barco

New contacts

I was very pleased with the table guests and their role during the brainstorm. We had a very interesting discussion on servitisation and the transition a company has to go through to be able to servitize. The networking brought me new contacts, which I can still use at a later date.

Tim van Rens Services Valley

Relevant, interesting

Intent and ambition were very good. Composition: relevant, interesting but also mostly Dutch and maybe some little knowledge institutes. It has provided us with follow-up appointments. The network and the bilateral contacts were interesting and good.

Herman Verwimp NV Mathieu Gijbels

A new sponsor!

We had a very interesting discussion on the expansion of Stella as a car brand. Further discussion with partners on that basis can speed up an interesting collaboration. Very concretely the event has given us a new sponsor!

Tom Selten Solar Team Eindhoven

Two interesting new ideas

It has provided us with two interesting ideas. With one partner we are going to develop an idea about online revenue.

Rick Scholte Sorama

Towards the next steps

The approach and the process helped us to define the concept and the ecosystem of relevant partners to prepare the next steps.

Sebastiaan Alves Hewlett Packard