In this modern world, where innovation is so important, you cannot do it on your own anymore. We must innovate and establish networks in which different parties and people of different professions from business, government and academia, think out of the box together, share ideas and invent new solutions for today and tomorrow. BiELAt aims to link existing networks and thus provide new opportunities for entrepreneurs to strengthen the economy in this region even further.

BiELAt Foundation is a small team of professionals. They combine their jobs with their non-profit work for the Foundation. Their goal is to promote the cooperation between entrepreneurs, research institutes, government and academia in the Eindhoven-Leuven-Aachen. At first the foundation, founded in 2004, focused mainly on a big annual network conference in Eindhoven. In five successful years BiELAt succeeded to get people together from different countries in an environment where a meeting of minds became a meeting of hearts. With numerous business opportunities as a result. Now, it’s time for a next step forward.

  • Organising large and small, national and international events. They always link up with the topics: collaboration, innovation, creativity and business development from social point of view.
  • Connecting networks and encouraging meeting so that networks be linked
  • The foundation is a deliberately non-profit organization committed to sharing knowledge of the ecosystem to increase visibility, enhance the development and eventually generate more business
  • Connecting social issues and business development
  • Promote cooperation in the chain: knowledge, expertise and cash